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May 17, 2021

In this episode of Caitlin’s Couch, The Empowerment Lab Podcast, Caitlin shares her views from a relational perspective, on whether or not to date multiple people at once. In her professional opinion, if all you’re doing is dating & that is your whole life, you’re missing out on life. Plus, you’re showing up from a place of need instead of want

In addition, Caitlin talks about the common problem of getting overly attached too soon. You need to learn how to develop a healthy relationship to keep yourself from getting too attached. Once you learn how to have a healthy relationship, you’ll never get overly attached to someone who isn’t as attached to you in return, ever again.

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  • Whether you should be dating one person at a time.
  • Whether you should be dating many people at once.
  • The best way to find the right person the fastest.
  • The best way to navigate the online dating world.
  • The importance of dating from a place of want, not a place of need.


  • “When your life becomes about finding someone, you can come across as desperate.”
  • “If all you’re doing is dating, then that is your whole life, & you’re missing out on life. You’re showing up from a place of need instead of want.”
  • “I don’t think that dating a lot of men will teach you how to have a healthy relationship.”
  • “When dating became something I did in addition to the rest of my life… that's when I started to show up from a place from want instead of need.” 
  • “Honor that you are not okay being single.”


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