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Apr 27, 2021

Welcome to Episode #16 of Caitlin’s Couch, The Empowerment Lab Podcast. In this episode, I am sharing all of the sh*t no one tells you about when you start your online dating journey. The dating sites and apps show you the success stories, wedding photos and fairy tale happy endings, promising you that you can have that too...but they don’t tell you about the years of trial and error, the painful experiences, and the emotional turmoil that people go through before finding their perfect match. 

They don’t tell you you’re signing up for a sh*t show, and that you need to learn how to take control of your dating journey in order to make these sites work for you, rather than against you.

You’ll hear all about my less than dreamy story of how I first navigated online dating and how I eventually met my husband. I worked on myself and figured out how to take control of the online dating world. And now, I’m giving you everything you need to find your forever partner faster and to feel empowered along the way. Listen as I share my tips for how to make online dating less of a total sh*t show!

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  • If you don’t know you are walking into a total sh*t show, you are going to get sucked into it, chewed up and spit out!
  • No one can form a relationship in a high pressure fast paced system, and that’s what the online dating world is (if you don’t take control of it)
  • Don’t leave it up to chance; don’t rely on the dating sites to get you to the right person; act in ways that lead you to be able to trust yourself.


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